Gordon Hughes

The interface between randomness and consciousness presents for me a spiritual and expressive potential that is the metaphysical space that I am exploring in my work. Using a range of painterly and graphic interventions, sometimes randomly and sometimes in a calculated manner I evoke multiple spatial relationships, abstractions, images and meanings that flow in and out of contradiction with themselves. The creation of the work is an attempt at a recognition and reconciliation of these contradictions and to make them into an expression of being that is both personal and universal.

I live and work and exhibit in Vancouver. I am represented by Artfully. ca online. I studied at Northwest College of the Arts, Victoria College of Art, Université Laval, and Concordia University (anthropology). Besides my fine art painting practice, I have painted commissions nationally and internationally as well as working as a muralist, scenic artist, illustrator and storyboard artist on over 80 film and television productions 

      Painting Sales:

All paintings on this website that are not in private collections are for sale. Prices range from $500.00 to $2100.00 depending on size.

 Contact: gordon3hughes@gmail.com

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